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Open the Door and Let Her In……


The woman watches

As the broken man begins to dance,

Could it be that in her presence

He is falling apart,

Or that the warmth of her gaze,

Finds him gradually becoming whole again.

His freedom, her absolution.


The words fall useless on the ground,

Letters spilling into the dirt

Meaning discarded,

A blank page lays crumpled before her

Staring without judgment

At her trembling hand.

Reason is beyond reproach.


Time tiptoes past unnoticed

On its way to someone else’s story

Hope follows regardless

And the sun rises and sets

On useless thoughts unguarded.

Who dares to walk this path?

Yet who dares to not.


The woman listens

As the silent man begins to sing

The words dust themselves off

And join the fragile notes

In a private dance of healing

Truth’s melody cuts through time

And lays memory bare,


“Forgive me,” it sings

“I am only human.”