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Read … Rant … Restore …

Well it’s just a funny old day.

There’s no way else to describe it.    Bit like life at moment…. Bits of this, bits of that, nothing flows, one minute you’re up, the next you’re down… constant, ongoing, chaos and turmoil on every level.  Even the peaceful moments are….well….”loaded”!

I know that things are moving, changing, shifting and we are meant to be changing and growing right along with it, but some days, I do feel like I am being dragged along by the scruff of the neck or being trampled underfoot by the energies as they surge past me!   I am an aware being, doing my best to embrace the change, be the best I can be, and to shine a light, but really?  Most days I feel like change has me in the stranglehold and the light seems to shine out of the most inane and unexpected places in its ongoing war with very stubborn and repeated waves of darkness. 


I’ve been absent from the tearooms for the past few weeks.   We had school holidays with its upheaval of routine and relaxation of rules, and before that, I had several weeks of some wicked little flu virus that made coughing too easy and socializing and talking impossible and with all the maelstrom of activity in the street, laneways and courtyards around the Artgeo cultural precinct, it has honestly been easier to stay home on the farm.


So I have spent the weekend, enlivening myself, inspiring my being, and doing all I can to just expand my consciousness.   I have attended a Secret Women’s Business Retreat, and shared in traditional teachings, stories and medicine of local Nyungar women.  I have placed my hands in the earth to quiet my worldly mind, and be more attuned to the Earth Mother’s energy.   I have lost myself in the healing power of the bush and nature, and found myself in the cool clay and ochre as my face and body were painted by caring hands.   I I have rediscovered my strength and dignity in a women’s circle, and felt my heart open even more.

So having remembered who I am, at a soul level, I have embraced the day and arrived at the Tearooms, looking forward to Brenda’s smiling face and love and kindness that ripples throughout her bright little rooms.    I have braved the landscape in upheaval, with every inch of the surrounds of the art gallery, cultural centre and tearooms under excavation with danger signs, fences, blockades and guards, not to mention many forced new entry and exit points hidden in dark corners (you’d be amazed at how many doors are in these old buildings that no one even realizes are there!).   

I have to confess, I have felt chagrin at the Shire’s timing of these upgrades, especially having them happening at the time of their major art exhibition for the year – the Signature South West.  It is near on impossible to visit the main gallery, and very off putting to any one who intended to view the magnificent exhibition themed on Trees.   But…. All for a good cause I tell myself, the result will be worth it, even if the roadworks and confusion continue well into our summer and tourist season.


So I shrug it off and focus on the first welcome cup of coffee and some inner peace.


And I open the local newspaper.

There is the headlines that the Busselton Water Board is proud to announce the chorination of our pristine water supply is to begin next week.   The chairman for the Board stated he was pleased that the final contract in the million dollar process was set.   As spokesperson he thanked the customers and community for their patience in this process.   It was at this point I had to close the newspaper and pick my jaw up off the ground.

I did not know whether to laugh or spit my coffee.   I seriously doubt there has been any “patience” in this process, or that any single customer or water consumer in this shire shares the pleasure of this announcement.  In fact, it is an insult that such platitudes are being offered to a population who have come out fighting this process from the very beginning, a population who have had this toxic treatment of their water supply forced upon them against their will and the better advice of countless experts.

I am reminded of the current wave of protests sweeping around the world at present, originating with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.   One percent dictating how the rest of the world lives – One percent in a safe and comfortable ivory tower enforcing their beliefs and agendas on the masses with the basic intent of further feathering the said towering nests …..  

I commend every single person who is waking up now, seeing the bigger picture, and standing up to say “enough is enough!”    How can a small number of people hold such complete and destructive control over the future of the planet and everyone upon it?   Easy I suppose, if the rest of the population allows it, or looks the other way.   

So here, we have a select group with perhaps other agendas compelling their actions, telling the town that they will have a poisonous substance mixed in their water supply whether they agree to it or not, and they will be grateful for it.    And my concern goes out to all the schools in the district surrounding the main water depot where the chlorine will be added – I can only image the children drinking innocently from the drink fountains and getting the first rush of chlorine into their bodies.    Not a happy thought at all!


While we are on the subject of poisoning our bodies……

I turned the page of the same newspaper to see a large quarter page advert entitled “The Truth about Vaccination”   Such a misleading title because if the “truth” be known, this advert is all about blocking that same truth about vaccines rather than promoting it.

For many years, I have been following with interest anAustralia wide group known as the AVN….. Australian Vaccination Network.  My reasons are personal, as is my journey through the vaccination minefield…but suffice to say, when your own child becomes a victim of vaccinations, and you spend 22 years of your life raising an intellectually handicapped child whose symptoms began the night of her immunizations, then you have legitimate reason for investigating further, in fact, it is only to be expected that you would do everything in your power to seek out the truth.

Over the years, one of the saddest and yet ironically reassuring things I have found, is meeting other parents like myself, who have either lost their child, or have an autistic or intellectually handicapped, (or both) child due to vaccine damage.  I would rather be alone than see others suffer the way my family (and in particular, my child) has, but it is comforting to realize I am not alone and that I have a very strong support network for the way life has been changed by a simple medical process.   Enter the AVN whose work brings together parents around this country who feel as I do, not necessarily ANTI vaccination, but just very wary, not necessarily angry or looking for any form of retribution, merely wanting to express the truth and warn other parents so that their families do not suffer the way ours have.   And finally to build an organization to uncover the real truth about vaccinations, the real dangers, and explore all the lies and half truths that are being told and the information that is being kept from the public.   The AVN is about pro-choice, about offering a balance to all the information currently available by the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies and the governments who are financed by them.   The AVN does not advocate “Don’t vaccinate”.  It advocates “Don’t vaccinate UNTIL you have looked at all the information”.  

Unfortunately there are many who would have a lot of the information (especially that which shows the ineffectiveness or danger of vaccinations) kept from parents so they never have a choice, and just go with what the system tells them.   The only way it seems they can do this is to tarnish the name of the AVN, to discredit them at every turn, to make anyone within that organization’s life hell with lawsuits, paperwork, arguments and at times, even death threats.   Oh yes, you’d better believe it.   There seem to be some pretty nasty folk out there hell bent on you or I, as parents, never having all the information and never having the choice about vaccinations.

It’s the censorship and denial of my right to choose, that makes me angry, and makes me even more intent to fight.  I am not against vaccinations, but I am against mandatory surgical procedures being forced upon my children and I, and I am totally against the erosion of rights and freedom of information!!

AVN have set up public information meetings and seminars, only to have the venues cancelled at the last moment, due to pressure by the various groups who would silence the AVN.   There have been negative press stories, “anti AVN” advertising, and trumped up lawsuits, mischievous and fraudulent claims laid against the AVN and even it would seem corruption in the way such charges were handled and subsequently reported, so that AVN appears to have done the wrong thing.   I’m afraid that when you step back and look at who has done what, the stench of corruption and agenda comes not from the AVN but those who would silence one side of the debate, and use all manner of dirty tactics to do so.    I guess it makes you wonder what is behind all of this and I doubt it is the wellbeing of humanity.   Somehow I believe it is money… and control.

So here, in my own local paper, is yet another such tactic.   This week we have a much appreciated public forum in this town, presenting some of the information that has been hidden from the public over the years.    The AVN advocates are presenting this talk in town, and now the anti AVN propaganda begins.   As usual, they have no argument, just mud slinging and innuendo.

So this advert reads  “Every parent wants to do the best for their child.  Every parent seeks information, and sadly, some will be misled by self-appointed experts and organizations who are not expert at all”

I agree with the first statement, but disagree with the second – we are experts on our own children.   And when our children suffer life changing negative effects from the very immunizations that we are told are for their wellbeing, then who dares tell us we are wrong for no longer trusting the “professionals” and seeking alternate advice and information from whatever avenues we can access.

(quote from advert) “One such organization is the Australian Vaccination network (AVN)  The AVN claims to be a pro-choice group.  It is in fact, an organization that is entirely dedicated to dissuade the public from vaccination through the use of selective quoting of scientific data, misrepresentation and fabricated evidence.”

In my humble opinion, these groups opposing AVN are also experts at fabricating evidence and misrepresenting data.   Talk about hypocrisy!

“A recent investigation conducted by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) found that the AVN website:

          Provides information that is solely anti-vaccination

          Contains information that is incorrect and misleading

          Quotes selectively from research to suggest that vaccination may be dangerous.”

In all of the instances above, the anti AVN group does just the same.   So do pro vaccination groups.   They all do these very things in support of their own argument, but now there is one lone group that stands up to present the opposite side of the argument, in a much needed attempt to create a balance, and advocate safety, they accuse them of wrongdoing.   This is such hypocrisy.    These groups have unlimited time and budget to go around trying to silence one side of the vaccination debate, and remove any opportunity for parents to seek the truth about vaccination safety and effectiveness. 

If you take a look at their advert you see big sign saying “Health hazard – STOP the AVN”.   The biggest hazard to health and wellbeing in this country is to have our rights taken away or the balance both sides of a debate and freedom of information denied us.  This very group, instead of focusing on the good that they supposedly believe vaccinations do, and building upon what they believe is true, are just intent on a smear and mischief campaign against anyone who disagrees with them, a campaign that reflects badly on them and definitely makes you wonder about their intent and their agenda.    That is undemocratic and un-Australian.   In this instance, I discovered that this particular group have contacted the local shire council in an attempt to deny the AVN the use of any shire buildings, or even to deny access to the town.  

All I can say is….. Do we live in the dark ages?  Do we really want to allow such censorship and denial of rights in our lives?


(note) I did go to the seminar, and it was very interesting.   If I doubted the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations before, I am now even more convinced that I am on the right side of the argument.  And can understand why the other side would be so hell bent on silencing such clear, precise and honest reporting of the truth.  Because if people wake up to the truth it will cause the money flow into the big business of pharmaceuticals to dwindle.

So sigh.    There we have it.  The ugliness has reached my own local newspaper.   All because a group wishes to have a public meeting in this town at the request of concerned parents.   Anyone would think they were planning to inflict great harm on the planet instead of actually being the ones to turn the tide of damage being done by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries that our generation is besieged with.

 Rant over  (smiles)…

Oh yeah…my day decidedly went a bit wonky reading all the propaganda in the newspaper .   Now I remember why I try very hard not to pick up those useless bundles of paper for anything less than litter tray liners for my pets.

Wouldn’t it be nice to read some human interest stories for a change?  Something uplifting, inspiring, positive?  Something to make you believe that life is good and the future is an amazing place to work towards…. oh yes, and that human beings are essentially good at heart?

Well there does not seem to be much poetry flowing from today’s thoughts…. I think I may have sat too long in the corner by myself and indeed need a piece of cake and another coffee!

 Yahava, roses and a pen

And when the day is done, I intend to go outside and walk in nature, and release the stress, and find some reminder that life is good and most humans are intrinsically kind, aware and blessed with common sense.   And that starts with me, so if we have “Occupy Wall Street” and “Occupy Perth” we can have “Occupy Earth” and also…”Occupy Your Life” …  and as it all starts with me, that is what I intend to do.   Occupy my life and my truth.   So no apologies for my rather strong and opinionated blog, I am just speaking my truth.

And so it is…