Hi.   I’m Wendy.   Many years ago I had my head and my heart full of words and pictures.   I loved to write… to write the body of my experience, to write my thoughts, to write my life……   You could say writing has been my first great passion.   However, over the past ten years, I have exchanged text for visual imagery, using a camera and digital art to express my poetry, my self and my journey.    Now, thanks to a beautiful little Cafe in my home town, and the Poetry Australia organization, and more than just a little rusty with words, I have taken up the offer of being a Cafe Poet and exploring my ‘words’ again.   As you will see, I don’t go far without my camera, so my blogs will be pictorial as well.   This particular blog is to record my journey as the Cafe Poet at the Old Post Office Tearooms in Busselton.   Wish me luck and thanks for sharing with me……..smiles….

This journey was in 2011, but since then I have shifted my focus a little, though still sitting in at my favourite cafe with my thoughts and dreams beside me.   I started a new blog in 2013 to separate the “then” and “now”…. and it can be found Here – “Thoughts from the Tearooms and Beyond”

If you are interested in seeing more of my artworks and writing, please visit www.redbubble.com/people/sunshiine.     Thank you!!


6 responses to “About

  • eremophila

    How marvellous to be taking this journey Wendy! I look forward to the sweetgems:-)

  • David A Rupprecht

    Hi Wendy. I found this incredible quote that I want to use in a novel I’m on which I’m working. I believe it is attributed to you? If you did come up with it, would like to know for certain. At present, it decorates the precursor to one of my chapters as below:

    “Hell is a creation of the mind; Heaven is a creation of the heart.” – Wendy Slee

    • Sunshiine

      Hi David, Thank you so much for contacting me. I did write that line, for use in one of my philosophical art books, though there is always a chance, given the old adage that there is nothing new under the sun, that someone else may have written it down also! To be honest, it is a saying I often use with my kids to ensure they get out of their headspace and start feeling life more from the heart ….
      I would be honoured for you to use the quote.
      I wish you all the best.

      • David A Rupprecht

        Excellent! It’s an incredibly insightful line. Very powerful. Had found it gracing the beginning of a fan fiction short story that I saw online. That author didn’t know who wrote it originally, so left a comment for him mentioning you as the one to whom it should be attributed. I don’t think I’ve seen that phrase used elsewhere, though think someone may have copied it from you. Good to connect w/ a fellow creative person… 🙂

        PS See I didn’t do a proper edit on my original comment. One to many “I’m”s.

      • Sunshiine

        Thanks for sharing that David…. I really appreciate you taking the time to track me down and talk to me. 🙂 No one has ever shown interest in that line before, though I have a couple of others that have gone viral….. usually I get comments on this one “Only when we realize that our love is greater than all our fears, will we know true freedom…” I got a shock one day when it started appearing on a mailout from one of my favourite inspirational organizations. I then googled it and found I had become famous (Laughs out loud) … I couldn’t believe it…… I just write them down as I see them, in a notebook for my kids or to become an artist statement beside an artwork…… what sort of books do you write? Have you published ? I love writing but am really struggling to find my ‘words’ these days….. I have spent past 8 years using art as my language and now finding my way back to words is quite difficult… 🙂

      • Sunshiine

        I might add, I am very aware that maybe someone else has written the same words in some other place and time… I just know that when i come up with something that feels new and original to myself and that I believe I have never heard before, I write it down….. I tend to meditate and call in the messages that way, which is where i get my little pearls of wisdom from 🙂

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