More Blue Birds and a short Break…

3rd August 2011

It seems the blue bird theme continues to fly through my café poet days.

Following on from last week, I play Christina Perri’s album “Lovestrong” ( she really is a talented young woman, so take a listen for yourself) and her song “Bluebird” catches my attention.    My daughter tells me this is her favourite song because it reminds her of “Blue”…



How the hell does a broken heart
Get back together when it’s torn apart
Teach itself to start
Beating again

This little Bluebird came looking for you
Said that I hadn’t seen you in quite some time
This little Bluebird, she came looking again
I said we weren’t even friends she could have you

Don’t you think it was hard?
I didn’t even say that you died
But it wouldn’t have been such a lie
Cuz’ then I started to cry
This little Bluebird sure won’t give it a rest
She swears that she may be better than all the rest
I said no-ohhhh
You’ve got it all wrong
If he was something special, I wouldn’t have this song

This little bluebird don’t come ’round here anymore
So I went looking for her
And I found…


Then a visitor at the café sits down and shares a story with me from her journal.   The journal is an exquisite treasure, a gift to her from a friend, hand made paper bound in a cleverly crafted, layered cover with a citrine inset.   It is a work of art.  From it’s much loved pages flow words of great meaning and heartfelt memories. 

She opens the journal to a page and there in her own hand is the poem “Bluebird of Happiness” – a quote given to her by her Mother and lovingly written in her special book.   I feel the synchronicity of blue birds winging their way through my day yet again… reminding me of the simple joys of living…  And touching not only myself but so many others with their magic.

 This small book of treasures, belonging to my friend, inspires me.   What a beautiful way to collect and keep the memories and moments that come to us along the way.    These short cameo stories and poems, even one line inspirations, form a collection that speaks not only of the depths of the person who holds the book, but also those who she has been inspired by.   I want to have such a book, instead of losing my one liners and memories on various slips of paper and old dog eared exercise books.    Perhaps for me, the most difficult thing would be to limit those inspirations to just one line or one page!   Or even one book!


Homely touches are inspiring to me

Chipped pretty teacups

Worn wooden edges

Mismatched fabric pieces

These things touch the heart.


Warm,  cosy atmosphere,

Tasty food

Relaxing environment.

Lovely experience

(Kay, Melbourne)




I really like the mosaics. 
I think there (sic) really cool!
Miah (age eight)
I love the food too!



The Old Post Office and Tearooms,

What a great find,

The staff and décor’s simply sublime,

Savouries and cakes are to die for

Wanting us to return for more and more



Work for the driver

Especially francaise

Even harder when

He’s lost ‘is way.


Filthy four letter words in Oz –




(signed: a well know Greek woman)




Tannin waters running in sunlight

Cascading over river rocks

Glistening like flame

Mahogany gemstones

Suspended under water

Watching the river’s journey to the sea.




Here we sit brokenhearted

Paid a penny…

But had great coffee.


(I am glad about that!)

This is the last week for the Café for a short while.   The Staff are taking a break, and so the tearooms will be closed for two weeks.  I think I will have withdrawals!!


I will have to take my café musings back to the birds and the bush, where I always found the space in the past … there just won’t be coffee and cake and good conversation!

And instead of snippets of inspiration from the table tops, I will have to find it in the fresh rain washed air and the song of native birds.

To change the world,

You have to be part of the change…


 and so it is ….


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