Jumping for Joy

20th July 2011

 Colour, style and sheer flirtatiousness leap from the glass cake cabinet this morning,  entertaining my senses.

“The fridge is literally jumping out of its skin for joy!”  says Brenda with a smile.

It is a day of divine culinary joy, that’s for sure – a momentary break in the rapid, harsh and chaotic dance of life.   The peaceful atmosphere of the Café, a peace that at first seems impossible amidst the constant activity in the tiny kitchen and the chatter and lunch time rush;  seems to permeate and linger in each and every person.   I do not wish to go home from this place.  I doubt any one does.  The business owner loves being here too, and it shows!  This place is an extension of who she is, like a living room she invites friends into to enjoy her hospitality.

I can come here with a heavy heart, or a lot on my mind, yet somewhere in the hours that pass, and the gentle atmosphere of this place, it evaporates.   I walk away feeling like I have had a holiday from the world. 


Amidst the excitement in the cake cabinet, are some tarts most worthy of a photo.  (Can you feel me smiling as I say this!)   They not only provoke attention and tempt the senses, they are works of art.   Heidi has been baking again.   Light, melt in the mouth pastry contains layers of peanut brittle, caramel and ganache.   On top of the dark chocolate are little red hearts made of chocolate.   I have to try one, but when I go to eat it, I honestly don’t know where to start.  It is like putting something as vibrant as “Moulin Rouge” on a plate!   I wait to see if this little creation will dance the “Can Can” for me.

“How is it?” asks Heidi, and I have trouble replying.  Each mouthful is a sensory experience and I can’t talk, I just have to sit there allow the magic to work.   You have to taste these creations,   to truly understand!



From the weight of a song,

To the scent of lost childhood,

Unfolds these wings of nostalgia,

A warm glow of feeling

Sweet upon the lips,


A thousand precious memories;

Sugar coated delicacy

Conveys the heart of she

Whose hands tenderly fold intent;

Love dissolves in glory

Within the longing mouth

And flies off in search of adventure

In the waiting heart.



Some crumbs and smiles from the table tops this week …

When Irish eyes are smiling…

For an Irish girl serving…





I’m smiling because….

I’m your sister!

And laughing because

You can’t do anything

About it!!!

(To my big sister Sylvia, from your adopted sister Pam xxx)




How can you improve on perfection?

Service is warm and friendly,

And the “blarney” keeps flowing and is acceptable,

Food and beverages outstanding!





“Feels like home

–      lovely people”

Sometimes you don’t need to say very much.   Too many words would spoil the mood.   Simply put – “feels like home” is all that is required, yet in those few words are lifetimes of memories of what “home” really is…  Or how it feels to be “home”.    How that word evokes so many different meanings and memories for each person who uses it?  

How many songs, poems and sayings can you think of that have been inspired by the meaning of the word “home”?

“Home is where the heart is”


“Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home”


Where ever we’re together that’s my home”




My thoughts are this …


Home is a place you arrive at when you simply learn to love yourself.


One response to “Jumping for Joy

  • Coralie Plozza

    amazing post as always wendy .. the cakes and treats look wonderful and I just have to add that I like how they are displayed in full product then cut when needed I have been finding that many businesses have been cutting individual pieces and displaying them like that in glass cases and they so easily dry out quickly (cheesecake my favourite thing in the world just gastly this way) they look so yummy but then taste like rubber when purchased … good work to the owner and wonderful collection of poetry.

    I also love your last comment/quote … Home is the place you arrive when you simply learn to love yourself.

    i am on a journey home and this is just another step bringing me closer to it thank you for sharing 🙂

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