Lines on a piece of paper,

Lines upon the earth;

The mark of human hands –

Or aliens at work?

Mortal information,

Or a message from beyond?

A cryptic code without a key

Or a simple human bond?

Search for honest answers,

Leave no stone unturned,

Pen to paper, leave your mark,

The witches can’t be burned.

Who wields the staff ofIsis?

When Excalibur is lost?

It’s a long time between rainbows –

The pot of gold has turned to dust.

See dull and programmed adults

Follow the well-worn track,

They cannot look for miracles

While a key turns in their back.

Chalk drawings in a cave,

Scribbles on a bedroom wall,

Hieroglyphics in a tomb,

Their meaning eludes us all.

Somehow a page is missing,

In the instruction book of life,

Read between the lines –

Get information at any price.

Crayons in baby fingers

Don’t step upon the cracks.

Boundaries are made for crossing,

To bring the magic back.

Outside lines the children colour,

Expressing freedom of their youth,

Lines might be for guidance,

But erase them to find your truth.

(wendy slee)


Message Stick



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