The Cafe Poet Journey Begins…

Wednesday 18th May

Yahava, roses and a pen  Well here we go … got the coffee, got the pen and paper, got a good spot at the window, signs are posted …and….

Darn!  Only ten minutes to school pick up, so I had better not get too comfortable!    Or open up any channels to an inspirational word flow.

Where did the time go!  Must be somewhere in the middle of that having fun thing!  Because today I started something that was indeed “fun” for me.

 So, this is it folks, I am officially now the Café Poet for the Old Post Office Tearooms at the Artgeo cultural complex.   Today was more about setting up a plan of action, the conception of great ideas, and … having official photos taken.  Oh yes, this lady who is more recognizable with a Nikon over her face than not, has had the tables turned (bad pun for a coffee shop full of fine china, I know!) and made to endure a photo session at the hands of the local press (thanks Derek!).     times copy

 How did this all happen?   I can thank Brenda for this initiative.  It was her desire to have a “poet” for her café, so upon her invitation, we put in a submission to Poetry Australia to take part in the national program that places poets in coffee shops around the country.   I have to confess that when Brenda mentioned it to me, and I went onto the Poetry Australia website to learn more, I did get excited – the whole idea of having some time each week dedicated to writing, and to mingling with those who appreciate the written word, was a most attractive thought.   Add to that, the thought of doing this at one of my favourite cafés, one of my favourite cafés with CAKE…..and you can imagine I did not hold back in saying “yes please”!

So what do I have planned?   At present, I intend to be at the café on a Wednesday afternoon each week, from 1 till 3pm so that anyone in the community that wishes to join me, to write, to read, to share poetry, can do so.   I hope to provide a space where all who love poetry and prose, can get together and share their words and thoughts, and be inspired.  

The chocolate cake awaits...

Chocolate and Roses

Many years ago, I had a small writers’ group in town, and it ran for several years and was enjoyed by a dedicated group of people who wanted to write, and share their stories and thoughts.   I hope to attract similar people again to meet over coffee (and Brenda’s famous cakes) and provide an added dimension to the cultural centre that is ArtGeo, the old courthouse and the Old Post Office Tearooms.

I look forward to the weeks ahead, and to seeing you here soon!

ArtGeo Courthouse Gallery

ArtGeo Courthouse Gallery in Queen Street


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